Travel tips!

What to bring along...

Suggested Clothing and personal Item list

  1. Soft type duffel bag for luggage or suitcases. Just talk to your consultant.
  2. Good quality pair of sunglasses
  3. Good quality water bottle
  4. Comfortable T-shirts and two long-sleeved shirts
  5. Shorts/skirts/trousers/slacks
  6. Tracksuit
  7. Comfortable walking shoes and good quality socks
  8. Swimming costume
  9. Sweater/anorak/parka for cold evenings
  10. Binoculars, camera with good zoom lens & film
  11. Personal toiletries
  12. A good flashing light/torch
  13. Visas (if req.), passport, money etc. it is recommended to take US$ in small notes. The guide will recommend how much to exchange along the route. International credit cards are accepted in most towns.
  14. Light raincoat for summer rains (Nov-April)
  15. Basic medical kit to include: Malaria prophylactics, Anti-histamine cream, Aspirins, Elastoplast, Antiseptic cream or powder, Moisturizing/suntan lotion, Insect repellent.

Pre-Arrival Safari Information

Legal requirements: All safari participants are required to accept the standard terms and conditions of the company

Money: Credit cards are not acceptable everywhere.

Health: Even though Nali Safaris does not place age restrictions, it is accepted that participants to be responsibly fit to join any of the safaris. Long distances through the desert and, in some cases, rough terrain will be driven during an adventure safari.

Drinks: Namibia is a hot country, so drink lots of liquids. Most of the tap water in Namibia is purified and safe to drink. The guide will advise when to drink bottled water. All alcoholic drinks and any other special requirements on your own account at all times.

Luggage: Because Nali Safaris operates mobile safaris it’s imperative to control the weight and type of luggage transported. It is strongly recommended to use soft hold all (duffel) type bags. Luggage, excluding hand luggage (camera bag etc.) not to exceed 20 kilograms.

Photography: Due to dusty conditions, it is suggested to keep camera equipment in a dustproof or plastic bag.

Insurance: Please ensure holiday insurance is arranged with the agent or tour operator against possible medical expenses, personal accident, luggage etc.

Driving conditions: The roads can be rough, bumpy and very dusty. At times the group will travel off-road and possible injuries may occur such as when hitting a rock or pothole. Even though every precaution is taken for this not to happen, Nali Safaris cannot be held responsible for accidents or damages as Nali Safaris operate adventure safaris.

Gratuity: defined as “a favor or Gift, usually in the form of money, given as a thank you gift for the service received.

Advice on Tipping Tour Guides

Tipping is commonly given for a service rendered by workers. If you feel that your tour guide has really gone the extra mile to make your safari a truly memorable experience, then please do feel free to show your gratitude with a tip! Our tipping guideline for the tour guides is approximately N$100.00 per client, per day of safari. Please remember that tipping is at your own discretion and the above is just a guideline. Tipping is only if you feel your tour guide deserve it.

Should the client wish to pay gratuity it is always a bonus to the guide, to tip in foreign currency and most clients do so. The fact is that gratuity is an autonomous act and completely depends on the service the client has received. It is neither a compulsory nor obligatory, it is completely up to the client.

Other Services:

Lodge Guides: N$20 – N$30

Restaurants/ Hotel Bars: 10%-15% of the bill

Porters: N$2 – N$ 10 (Depending on how much Luggage)

Car Guards: N$1 – N$3

What Happens next?

  1. Have a look at our suggested route, recommended itinerary and the various price options
  2. Contact us with any questions or requests
  3. We determine a final route, itinerary and price
  4. We invoice you for a 25% deposit (nonrefundable) to secure all bookings.
  5. We contact all the suppliers to confirm bookings and make all the arrangements
  6. We invoice you for the balance to be paid 42 days before arrival
  7. Please read our terms and conditions

Important Information

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend that you arrange your own travel insurance. Not only for your own peace of mind, but also to cover you in event of possible tour cancellation, emergency evacuation, medical and repatriation expenses as well damage/loss/theft of your belongings, camera equipment, money and the like.

Contact details

It is important that you give us contact detail of your next of kin or a friend whom we could contact in the event of an emergency. This detail can be provided to us on the booking form that we will forward to you.


Please note that Nali Safaris cannot be held responsible for any of the above.

Passports need to be valid for at least 3 months from date of arrival. However, we strongly recommend at least 6 months as some border/immigration authorities require this.

Please check on the internet ( or your embassy whether you require a VISA to be arranged in advance or whether you can obtain it at point of entry. In some cases, it can take up to 3 months for Visas to be issued so please do not leave this to the last minute. Please note that we cannot arrange Visa from our side as the application requires your signature as well as the actual passport to be endorsed. The same applies to any possible vaccinations. Your doctor should be able to advise you.

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