Chartered Safaris

See African sky in a bird's eye view!

The sky is not a limit but home. Travel in this exceptional experience of boarding an aircraft that has been exclusively booked to fly you from destination to destination, is somewhat of an ‘Experience’ i.e. skipping out on the long wait and queues at check in or boarding, or the layovers at airports, and in some instances, a missed flight – these all set the pace for the journey ahead but let us rather ponder on finding the right experience to complement your journey throughout. The travelers’ mindset is slowly moving away from ‘Affordability’ to ‘Accessibility’ and this already equates to ‘Time Saved’. Our focus is to identify possible challenges and circumnavigate around this to offer a fluid like state of synergy between ground, air and hospitality services, and often, when we suggest the ‘Private Charter’ we do so after having studied in detail, all the logistics and pertinent issues before arriving at a conclusion.

Safety – Highest levels of safety and maintenance: In retrospect, flying is one of the safest modes of transportation available, maximizing on time saved for the traveller and putting a traveller at their destination safely. The fleet only offers audited aircraft. Crew Ability, aircraft maintenance and insurance parameters are all assessed prior to assignment, to provide the best and safest charter solutions. Our Partnered aviation specialists can offer anything from a safari charter to a truly executive private charter experience. All this is done to ensure your African Journey is hassle free and a truly memorable one.

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