Family Safaris

Travel in company with little loved ones!

Namibia is not only the best African country for a family trip, but also one of the nicest places you will ever travel to. Family adventure safaris offers the opportunity to get away and reconnect with each other, to rekindle the level of social connection between the different generations which is something to behold and appreciate. Family safaris creates memorable moments across the generations and have much to talk about over dinner or during a quiet moment. The true reflections come from the realization that these often-overlooked moments are life’s real treasures, and family time away should not be taken for granted. Family travel presents the perfect opportunity for kids to learn the importance of both nature and wildlife and how we all co-exist. It is a fun filled holiday with an education – showcasing life as we live it, appreciate it and nurture it together.

Why Namibia is the most family-friendly African country.

  • Namibia is very thinly populated.
  • Namibia is one of the safest countries in Africa.
  • Namibia has plenty to keep the kids interested and engaged.
  • Namibia with kids – don’t miss the sundowners.
  • Food is very good and safe in Namibia.
  • Quality of accommodations is very high in Namibia.
  • Namibia has plenty of wildlife and beautiful nature.
  • Summer school holiday (July and August) is the perfect time to travel to Namibia.
  • Namibians speak English, but you also get plenty of chances to interact with other cultures and languages.
  • There is no malaria in the tourist areas and no yellow fever in Namibia (If you don’t travel Far North East of Etosha (to Caprivi strip), you don’t have to worry about malaria. Theoretically there is a chance of malaria mosquitoes being active in Etosha during the rain season.

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