Solo Traveler Safaris

Don't be left out, travel SOLO!

Namibia is a safe country for solos. If you’re looking to get away from it all and clear your head for a while, then there’s no better place for this than Namibia. Its wide open spaces call for quiet contemplation while the essence of existence hangs in the air. Solitude is one of Namibia’s gifts, but it can also get lonely out in the oldest desert in the world. If you’re the kind of traveller who prefers a hearty chinwag, as opposed to hours of silence, then consider hooking up with a tour group. This is a great way to cover all the highlights of the country and can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Although you may be restricted by a set tour itinerary, on the plus-side you should never be short of conversation.

The real beauty of being a Solo Artist is that you have a blank canvas to paint the world as you see it, live it or experience it, all with a freedom that is totally yours and you can govern the experiences simply to suit your mood and likes – sounds interesting right! Well, this is just the tip of the ice berg. Take that, together with G&T in hand and scour through our website for your bucket list must do’s, and when you have an idea in mind, contact us, your African Specialists to tailor a journey that will not only render you speechless throughout your travel, it will also satiate your soul by creating your personal legacy and leaving your footprint behind in Africa.

As per our dedication to all our guest’s needs and wants, we help curate experiences that are completely off the beaten track, uncovering the hidden gems of Namibia and bring to life, experiences in their natural setting or habitat, all with one goal in mind – to give you soulful journeys that will last a lifetime.

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