Scheduled Safaris

On this page you will find a selection of safaris that we offer throughout Namibia and beyond. These range from the scheduled luxurious accommodated and budget camping safaris. If you like any of the below itineraries but don’t want to travel in a group, then please check out the private or self-drive sections.

Apart from the various scheduled safaris which appear on this page we can also custom make a safari for our clients. If you would like get some information about a customized Safari, or would just like an advice on which of the scheduled safari departures you should join, please email us and one of our consultants will get to work planning your safari.

Enjoy Your Accommodated Safaris

The accommodated or lodges tour is a great way to see Namibia, all lodging while on tour is in registered Namibian accommodation establishment while travel is in comfort at a leisurely pace. Most of the lodge tours on this page use mid- or up-market accommodation establishments. If you have any questions about the quality of accommodation used on any of the safaris please feel free to ask.

Perfect Camping Safaris

Guided camping safaris are an excellent way of getting around Namibia. The main reason for joining a guided tour is to take the hassle out of planning and arranging your holiday – if you are booked on one of these safaris you can just arrive, sit back while your guide helps you explore the spectacular country. These trips are usually the most economical way of travelling.

Namibian Fine Food Cuisine

Food in Namibia, for the black population at least, has always been more about survival than inspiration, although you’re unlikely to encounter the basic food eaten by most Namibians on most tourist menus. Instead, you’ll find predominantly international dishes on most menus, with a couple of local variations – German dishes (particularly cakes and pastries) are a highlight, as are the widely available game meats (eg eland, oryx or kudu).

The Best Experience Ever

Thank you Nali Safaris, we have had the most amazing time in Namibia. Thank you for making our tour fun, interesting and a bit relaxing. Even the early starts have been worthy it every time. From Premier Holidays crew.
John Parker
Product Manager

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